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Movie Drive Let the Games Begin download free! Book Title: Drive Let the Games Begin
Directors: Marita Grabiak
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 2007-04-16
Runtime: 42 min
Stars: Nathan Fillion,Kristin Lehman,Mircea Monroe
IMDb Rating: 7.6
Country: USA
Language: English

Full movie description "Drive Let the Games Begin":

On the road from Florida to Rome, Georgia, Alex and Corinna gets separated when Alex gets arrested by a shady Florida state trooper who claims to know him from years ago that he participated in an armed robbery. Meanwhile, Sean is forced to call upon his father's "business associate" for help when Winston gets abducted by a beautiful bounty hunter for violation of his parole. Ellie continues to keep Rob's phone messages from him and eventually tells him that she does not want him to return to active duty. Violet tries to persuade her father to lie about his involvement in the race to her mother, while he continues to lie to her about his worsening health. Also, Wendy becomes somewhat uncomfortable about spending the time with her new driving partner Ivy after her betrayal of Leigh and Susan to join Wendy in the race.

Movie Drive Let the Games Begin download free

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Alex's pick-up is dead on the side of the road. The hood is propped open and Alex shouts to Corinna to try starting the engine. The engine just struggles and dies. Corinna tells Alex the next check point is 400 miles away and they have to make it to Rome, Georgia by dark. Alex tells Corinna to figure out the clue. She waves the raffle ticket and shows him an address on it. Mystery solved.

Sean and Winston blow by Alex and Corinna. "They're done, homes. I knew that piece of crap they were driving wouldn't make it out of the state," Winston excitedly shares with his brother. Sean tells Winston that they should consider getting a better car and that he can have it waiting at the next stop. The Mustang pulls along side and reveals a gorgeous brunette woman behind the wheel. Winston and the brunette share smiles, then the Mustang takes off. Winston guns the Impala. The two cars blast passed the Taurus.

John sits up in the back seat, looking rested. Violet tells him they're close to the Georgia border. John notices Violet is doing eighty-five miles an hour and tells her to slow down, but Violet knows if they slow down they won't make it.

A police car pulls over behind Alex's truck, Corinna comments, "You wanted road side assistance? I think we just got some." The officer approaches Alex and Corinna and tells them he can radio for a mechanic. As Alex walks closer, the officer suddenly draws his weapon and orders Alex to the ground. The officer handcuffs Alex and forces him into the back of the squad car, then knocks Alex unconscious with a baton.

Wendy drives along, Ivy in the passenger seat. Wendy wonders if Susan and Leigh are going to be mad, but Ivy doesn't seem to care. Ivy tells Wendy that they all met in Katrina, Ivy and Leigh helped Susan move hospital patients to higher ground when the levees broke.

Rob pulls into a Preston's to fill up on gas. Rob and Ellie are excited because they believe they're in the lead, and they're making great time. Rob goes inside to get something to drink. Inside, Rob looks up at television airing the local news. The news reports that a fellow soldier, Mike Bakka, that Rob knew, was killed in Iraq.

Corinna grabs her stuff out of the truck and attempts to hitch hike.

Winston is concerned about finding the brunette, but Sean is wrapped up in the ticket. "You think this is a riddle? Admit one. Maybe when we get where we're going, we're going to have to admit something." Sean tries to get Winston to admit what landed him in prison, but Winston won't give it up. In fact, Winston believes the people behind the race are the ones that got him out. Sean pushes the issues again. Winston asks, "Would you believe me if I told you I killed a guy?" Sean lets the question sink in, and then says no. Winston then asks, "Would you believe me if I was innocent?" Sean smiles, "No." Sean asks if Winston grew up in Maryland, where he was in prison. Winston tells him no, he grew up in Miami. Sean is stunned to find out they were that close and never knew about each other. But Winston notes that he knew about Sean since the day he was born. Before the conversation gets too personal, Winston thinks he sees the brunette in the rearview.

Corinna climbs out of an RV and walks into a Florida Highway Patrol sub-station. She marches to the front desk and tells the officer she's looking for Alex and she wants to report an officer assault by an officer named Poole. The officer asks another officer to see if Alex is in holding and to find out where officer Poole might be.

Alex wakes up and he's handcuffed to a table. He looks around a dark interrogation room. Officer Poole enters, "Alex Tully.

So I finally got a name to go with the face." Officer Poole goes digging for more information. "Before we talk about what you're doing here in Gainsville, I want focus on what you were doing in Ashland, Kentucky on July 12, 2003." Alex says he's never been to Kentucky and Officer Poole presses his thumb against the bruise he left when he hit Alex with the nightstick.

Poole says he was in Kentucky, he saw Alex. Poole opens a folder. Inside are photos of several dead individuals.

Detective Ehrle talks to Alex's sister, Becca, back at the Tully farm, trying to find out where Alex may have gone. Ehrle tells Becca that he believes Alex is on the run.

Poole sits across from Alex, telling the events that took place in Ashland. The First National Credit Union was held up by four armed men, Poole and his partner were the first on the scene. All the men escaped, but three people were killed. One of them was Poole's partner. Alex continues to defend that he was never in Ashland and did not kill anyone. Poole adds that Alex may not have pulled the trigger, but that day, he was the driver of the get away car. Alex again argues that Poole has the wrong man. Poole tells Alex that they're going to be there until Alex comes clean.

Ellie doesn't understand why Rob is so concerned about his fallen friend. Rob is getting angry because he doesn't understand why the Army hasn't tried to contact him yet. He wants the phone from Ellie, but she tries to get him to call once they get to Rome. Rob raises his voice and demands the phone from Ellie. She rolls down the window and flips the phone out. Rob slides the Firebird onto the shoulder.

Movie Drive Let the Games Begin download free

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Movie Drive Let the Games Begin download free

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