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Movie Drive No Turning Back download free! Book Title: Drive No Turning Back
Directors: Elodie Keene
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 2007-04-23
Runtime: 41 min
Stars: Nathan Fillion,Kristin Lehman,Mircea Monroe
IMDb Rating: 7.1
Country: USA
Language: English

Full movie description "Drive No Turning Back":

Tully and Corinna are forced to call on the aid of Winston and Sean to help them break into a bank in Georgia to steal a safety deposit box in the bank's vault which holds a clue to where the finish line may be. Meanwhile, Wendy wants to quit the race when she learns that her infant son may be in danger, but Ivy is not willing to give up and forces Wendy to drive on by literally putting the gun to her head. Disqualified from the race after arriving last at the drive-in theater, Susan vows to continue the race with Leigh because she tells Leight that she claimed to have had a vision from God to continue the race... giving away the fact that Susan might not entirely be sane. Also, Rob finally learns that Ellie blocked his phone messages from his commanding officer to return to active duty which makes him now a fugitive from the U.S. Army.

Movie Drive No Turning Back download free

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The racers sit in their parked cars, watching a movie play on the giant drive-in screen. Alex and Corinna watch closely, wondering if the movie contains a clue. Wendy phones the woman watching Sam, hoping to wish him goodnight, but the woman says it's safer if she doesn't. Rob gets out of the Firebird to go find a payphone, but Ellie calls him back when the movie ends.

Mr. Bright's voice booms over the address system and tells the racers that one of them is being rewarded with a "Jump Start." This Jump Start, if successfully completed, will allow the racer to skip the current check point and head directly to the next one. Mr. Bright continues and says the person who arrived at the theater first will be awarded the Jump Start.

"Congratulations, Mr. Alex Tully!" Alex grabs the race phone, the address, "455 Broad Street, Sweetwater, Georgia," appears. The other racer's phones ring shortly after. Their text message reads, "Surrender, America." Winston looks at Alex, his eyes are scheming. Sean asks why Winston hasn't spoken to him since he was set free from the bounty hunter. Winston knows Sean called his father to help free him and angrily replies, "I'd rather die in prison, than owe that achepe a single thing." Corinna tries to convince Alex not to take the Jump Start because there will be a catch to it. Alex would rather risk it to get closer to his wife and he thinks that Corinna is trying to hold him back. But Corinna defends she just wants to make sure he ends up alive. Alex races off in the opposite direction of the other racers.

100 miles outside Sweetwater, Alex and Corinna pull to a stop to confront the driver of the gold Impala that has been tailing them since the drive-in. Winston pulls up next to Alex at a red light. Winston jokes with Alex about following him and Sean wants to turn back now that they're busted. Winston makes a deal with them. They tag along with Alex and Corinna now, and they'll return the favor later. And in the end, they split the thirty-two million dollar winnings. Alex agrees and punches the gas pedal. The Challenger roars in reverse while the Impala shoots forward. Alex spins the car around and loses Winston and Sean.

As Alex and Corinna race away, Corinna jokes to Alex that she almost chose Winston as a partner and that he was in prison for armed robbery.

Susan and Leigh roll into the drive-in theater. They're driving a compact car now. They park and get out of the car. Mr.

Bright approaches them and tells them they have been eliminated because they didn't complete the challenge and he needs the race phone back. Susan refuses to give in because God told Susan that she was destined to win the race. Mr. Bright asks for the phone again. Leigh gives in and hands it over. Mr. Bright wishes them "good travels." Ivy tries to work out "Surrender, America," while Wendy's mind is on her baby. Ivy tries to get her partner's mind back in the game. Wendy says some towns have odd names and maybe "Surrender" is one of them. Ivy digs through a map book.

Ellie works on the clue, but Rob is searching for a pay phone. Ellie sighs, knowing that Rob is going to find out about being AWOL from the Army.

Alex rolls the Challenger into Sweetwater and parks. He looks around and sees 455 Broad Street. It's a bank, the Sweetwater Savings and Loan. He grumbles, "No…no way." Corinna looks at the race phone, it reads, "IN THE VAULT 608." Corinna replies, "You don't even know what this says." Alex grits his teeth, "It says we have to rob the bank." He then admits to Corinna, "I wasn't always a gardener." Corinna chats with a bank manager while Alex cases the bank. Corinna tells the manager that they visit so often, maybe they should get a safe deposit box. The bank manager lets them into the vault and tells them it's a new vault. Alex and Corinna eye number 608.

Ivy reads down a list of uniquely named towns, "Surrender" is not one of them. Wendy's secure cell phone rings, it's the house mother calling about Sam. She tells Wendy that someone came to the safe house asking about Sam, but the woman does not know who the man was. The woman tells Wendy that she needs to come get Sam for the safety of her baby and the other children. Wendy hangs up the phone and swings the car back into the other direction. Wendy tells Ivy she can drop her off anywhere and Ivy tries to talk her out of going to Ohio. Ivy grabs the handgun that Wendy had in the glove box and tells Wendy she's not going anywhere but the next check point.

Movie Drive No Turning Back download free

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Movie Drive No Turning Back download free

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